Kiwiana Food

KIWIANA is not a word easily found in a dictionary but any Kiwi innately knows what it means. It is something from years gone by that has attained a truly iconic status as being part of the fabric of life in New Zealand that gives Kiwis their identity and standing in the world.

battles fought against foreign interlopers

Vicious little battles have been fought against foreign interlopers who have tried to claim ownership of things Kiwiana such as who first created the pavlova. Naturally there is a long and justifiably proud history when it comes to Kiwiana Food. Kiwiana Food is figuratively speaking the salt of the earth that has sustained and made Kiwis the world beaters they are today…champions in all walks and pursuits of life.

Wholesome but wickedly delicious

Wholesome natural food, not so wholesome but wickedly delicious, distinctive and flavourful are but a few of the epithets that come to mind when thinking of the dishes of New Zealand. Kiwiana Food has evolved from the national dishes of many cultures that have settled New Zealand. Some bland, adapted out of necessity, others created from local abundance and availability, some preserving memories of ancestral homes but all loved by Kiwis. Kiwiana Food is all about the enjoyment of life.

Come and try.

The Iron Horse Garden Restaurant has chosen to specialise in Kiwiana Food. Its regular patrons keep it true to its roots. Come and try.